Industrial park tour

Our 10th GRGBanking Global Customer Exchange (GCE) in 2015 was such an outstanding success. Now we decided to hold 11th GCE in 2016. For those that have been with us before, we can’t wait to see you again. And for those that have not joined us, we can’t wait to meet you. Trust us, it will be a great event worthy your time and travel!

During GCE, we will show you a thorough tour to GRGBanking Industrial Park, which locates in Science City, in Guangzhou, South China, and is the largest banking equipment producing center in Asia. And in the tour you will see:

1.Comprehensive Showroom
The showroom in GRGBanking Industrial Park is an exhibition hall for a comprehensive display of our core technology and products/solutions. It is diversified into different sections:
1) Core technologies
2) Self-service banking solutions
3) Branch transformation solutions
4) Software solutions
5) Community banking solutions
6) Cash sorting and cash center automation solutions
8) ATM services (ATM maintenance, managed service, payment service, etc.)

2.Testing Centre
With the post-doctoral research center and the standardization team for China’s ATM industry, the R&D Institute in GRGBanking is the largest R&D institute in ATM, while the testing center is the major division which combines over 20 testing laboratories conducting tests in 3 aspects:
1) Functionality and reliability
2) Electromagnetic compatibility
3) Safety standards

3.Manufacturing Centre
With the production capacity of 40,000 units per year, GRGBanking has the largest ATM producing lines in Asia. Here, you will see the detailed process of the production of ATMs, sorting machines, VTMs, STMs and other cash dealing equipment. And GRGBanking has the state-of-the-art technology in producing and installment, which has been awarded by China’s government as the outstanding “create in China” case.