Exploring GRG TOUR

The long-awaited GCE is coming back at length. Hosted by GRG Banking, the Global Customer Exchange is a biennial event gathering experts and professionals around the world who will share in-depth and up-to-date insights and knowledge in the industry. Based on our successful experience in the past events, we guarantee you a fruitful November trip in China.

With financial technology advancing and traditional business shrinking, transformation has become a priority. How does GRG respond to challenge? Let’s explore together!

During the 12th Global Customer Exchange (GCE 2018), not only presentation of brand-new products and solutions from GRG Banking, but also a thorough tour is arranged for you. In this exploring tour, you will see:

1. AI Experience Showroom
The showroom in GRGBanking Industrial Park is a newly decorated exhibition center of AI technology and solutions applied in various industries, including Intelligent Financial Service, Intelligent Transportation, Intelligent Security as well as Intelligent Public Service. The following sections of the showroom will together give you an overview of GRG intelligent technology.
1) Core R&D capacities and technologies
2) Financial banking products & solutions
3) Software solutions & ATM services (ATM maintenance, managed service, payment service, etc.)
4) Banking transformation solutions & New ATMs
5) Intelligent transportation product and solutions
6) Intelligent securities solutions
7) Intelligent public service solutions

2. Testing Centre
With the post-doctoral research center and the standardization team for China’s ATM industry, the R&D Institute in GRGBanking is the largest R&D institute in ATM, while the testing center is the major division which combines over 20 testing laboratories conducting tests in 3 aspects:
1) Functionality and reliability
2) Electromagnetic compatibility
3) Safety standards

3. Manufacturing Centre
Detailed producing process of financial devices will be present here. GRGBanking has the state-of-the-art technology in producing and installment, which has been awarded by China’s government as the outstanding “create in China” case.