The long-awaited GCE is coming back at length. Hosted by GRG Banking, the Global Customer Exchange is a biennial event gathering experts and professionals around the world who will share in-depth and up-to-date insights and knowledge in the industry. Based on our successful experience in the past events, we guarantee you a fruitful November trip to China.

In our previous 11 sessions of GRGBanking Global Customer Exchange (GCE), our partners and customers have experienced impressive technology and outstanding success of our products. 2018 is the year witnessing a transformation in financial institutions. In the approaching 12th GCE this year, we plan to show you GRG milestone solution and applications that fit in this trend; and we welcome new friends and those of you who have been with us before to join. You shouldn’t miss our latest solution showcase during GCE2018. See you soon!

Product & Solution Summary
New-Generation ATMs
When talking about traditional ATMs, what might come to your head? Traditional cash-processing function is already a very common one, and end-users now expect more services on ATMs to make their life easier and quicker.

During GCE2018 we provide you GRG latest ATM design, besides fast processing of cash, they’re with satisfying interaction, omni-channel services enable, charming look and multiple security features. We also put banks’ concerns in our design, realizing gratifying convenience of future upgrade with only tiny structure changes on an ATM. They’ll help your FI to gain more customers and provide better service.

Teller Cash Recycler
Teller cash recycler (TCR) has been in the market for some years, but recently we witness its requirement rise in some specific markets that helps bank branches to swift its service mode.

There will be a new generation TCR launching during GCE2018, with fast processing speed and reliable

operation that fit in your financial sectors’ needs. It will be an alternative to increase productivity and reduce operating costs in cash operations, also reduces the need for available circulating money in cashiers. Whether you’re looking to transform your branches or enhance profitability, GRG TCR can support your strategy.

Retail Cash Management
In the showcase of GCE2018, you will see the brand-new cash management before its global official launch. The cash management solution GRG Banking will provide is comprised of high speed and large capacity cash deposit, which combines hardware and software. With state of the art technologies like banknote validation, sorting, and serial number tracking, this solution is the ideal solution for retail cash management, back office cash management, bank branch teller automation and CIT resource optimization. To deliver more efficient and secure service, this solution can be applied in any scenario where big volume cash transactions take place. Besides, with the new aDep, monitoring and managing the cash management remotely become possible.

Multifunctional Conference Platform (MCP)
To optimize the conference efficiency and productivity, GRGBanking would like to introduce the “MCP”, which is a one in all solution for modern conference demands.
MCP, the multifunctional conference platform breaks the limitation of previous product design logic, develops all-in-one solution which integrated with HD display, fluent writing, wireless presenting and video conference instead of single feature devices. Furthermore, it is compatible with different teleconference software & hardware solution and numerous office applications, aiming to improve meeting efficiency of financial institutions, technology industries, real estate companies, manufacturing industries, consulting services and administrative organizations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Terminals
For many years, GRGBanking has done much research and study on the cutting-edge technology trend and has always focused on different scenarios of branch transformation and service innovation. GRG already forms subsidiaries that engaged in AI, and try to integrate AI technology in Fintech business and services.

On GCE2018 we will showcase AI application and recognition scenarios. You can experience our up-to-date technology bringing enhanced convenience for new era VIP branches. All the devices you see, including relevant recognition algorithm, management platform and database are all established by GRG Banking.