Our 10th GRGBanking Global Customer Exchange (GCE) in 2015 was such an outstanding success. Now we decided to hold 11th GCE in 2016. For those of you who have been with us before, we can’t wait to see you again. And for those of you who have yet to join us, we can’t wait to meet you.

A global summit will be hold on 9th Nov. as part of GCE 2016, which will converge worldwide banking experts to deliver their visionary concept and views on topics of future banking trends, development strategy, and the latest banking technologies and solutions.

A diverse banking society
What makes a more versatile and convenient banking society? The answer is open-ended: branch transformation, retail banking, managed services, etc. On the Summit Day, experts from retail automation and banking industry will bring their stories and new thoughts to share with us.

User experience first: customer expectation drives improvement of financial equipment
However fast and great that financial world develops, the key motivation is always from customers’ expectation. And all the developments’ ultimate purpose is to fulfill customer and industry requirements, hereby to improve user experience. How it impacts financial equipment and the breakthrough of improvements will be discussed by experts from banking enterprises and association.

3.New Business Mode Generated - Retail Financial Service
Successful case in Chinese market reveals how convenient a new model of Compact Cash Recycler is. The new deposit mode for retailing brings triple-win for bank, retailer and CIT.

The Speakers
The Invited speakers including well-known industry leaders, famous consultant and researchers in this industry, technical experts, senior executives and economists from around the world will address their speeches and share their outlook of future of banking industry.

Some of the speakers(In no particular order)

  • Brian Kett

    Deputy Chairman of ATMIA

  • Dominic Hirsch

    Managing Director of RBR

  • Aravinda Korala

    CEO of KAL

  • Brian Krzanich

    Morris Li Ming Shieh

    Famous joint-stock banks in China

  • Brian Krzanich

    YU Chien Siang

    Used to be the CIO of a department in Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs, adjunct associate professor of NUS