The long-awaited GCE is coming back at length. Hosted by GRG Banking, the Global Customer Exchange is a biennial event gathering experts and professionals around the world who will share in-depth and up-to-date insights and knowledge in the industry. Based on our successful experience in the past events, we guarantee you a fruitful November trip in China.

A global summit will be held on 8th November as a dominant part of GCE 2018, which will converge global ATM, banking and AI experts to deliver their visionary concept and views on future ATM and banking trends, development strategy, and the latest AI technologies and solutions.

1. Main Trends of Future ATMs
What will the future ATMs be like? The answer will be open and customer-oriented. It is sure that future ATMs will be smarter and friendlier, being connected with mobile technology. On the Summit Day, experts from ATM and banking industries will share their visions and new thoughts with us.

2. Global Bank Experience
The emerging automation and AI technologies are significantly reshaping the ATM industry as well as the whole banking industry. How do global banks respond and react on such challenges? The stakeholder of banks will present the findings and strategies from their successful experiences.

3. How AI impacts Banking Industry
AI has taken the world by storm and has been advancing rapidly in recent times. In today’s world, almost every aspect of life and business will be affected by AI.

AI has had an effect on almost all the industrial sectors, and the banking sector is also one of them. No doubt to say, AI has become a vital part of the financial sector and will continue to be, in the future. With so many benefits being derived from the industry it is natural that AI will find increased adoption in the months to come.

The Speakers
The Invited speakers including well-known industry leaders, famous researcher in the industry, senior executives and AI experts from around the world will address their speeches and share their ideas of the future of banking and how banks embrace AI revolutions.