The long-awaited GCE is coming back at length. Hosted by GRG Banking, the Global Customer Exchange is a biennial event gathering experts and professionals around the world who will share in-depth and up-to-date insights and knowledge in the industry. Based on our successful experience in the past events, we guarantee you a fruitful November trip to China.

In the workshop of GCE 2018, we will focus on the development and application of intelligence technologies, presenting our products and solutions with latest AI and financial technologies.

Innovation of new ATMs and core modules

New ATMs with upgraded design and functionality, ADA compliance, lager touch screen and smaller footprint;
Banking transformation and cash management experts from banking industry will impart latest trends and achievement on banking transformation and cash management.

Development and application of new technologies

Successful experience in new products and solutions based on AI and other latest technologies: Image processing, Face and Voice recognition, Blockchain, etc.;
Insights regarding development and application of new technology from experts in AI filed.

Retail financing solutions enhancing customer satisfaction

A series of retail financing products and solutions with excellent performance in speed, ease and convenience, meeting faster growing consumer expectations.